A Conversation for How to Live on an All-Girls Floor


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an impossible task but none the less a most agreeable one
sign me up!


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Jimi X


I've got a wife and two daughters. Be careful what you wish for....

smiley - winkeye

(Just kidding honey!)

Toilet seats

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Just allow me to clear something up if I may,

If the seat is UP when you come in - PUT IT DOWN!!!

Without f***ing whinging about it

(Livzy now dons a hard hat and dissapears inside an Anderson bomb shelter for a few days waiting for the fall out to subside)

Toilet seats

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Why why why why why?
Why do girls get so het up about this?
Why do they think they have a monoploy on preferred toilet seat positions?
Why cant they just put it down if it is up and stop bleating to the world about it?
Why cant they adopt the rule "if the toilet seat is down as you leave, PUT IT UP!!!"

(Just replying so you can justify your stay in your Anderson shelter - I'm off to mine now!)

Toilet seats

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..and another thing - Yes, you do look fat in that skirt

Toilet seats

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Whoa - even I know not to go there! You're on your own now, mate!

smiley - smiley


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