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Living with gurls

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I lived in a house with a couple of girls for a few years after university and developed a strategy for survival. Generally, the best plan is to keep out of the way as much as possible, stay off the phone and overcome any fear of spiders. Oh, and put the toilet seat down.

Living with gurls

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During my 2nd year of uni I lived in a mixed house which happened to be mainly female (there were only 2 of us males in the house). Somehow the toilet seat issue never came up. Were these the only 3 women on the planet who knew how to put it down themselves? - I am still looking for other females who do not consider this an issue, so at the moment I am hoping that is not the case.

Although neither of us tried anything on with the females in the house (they were all in serious relationships for most of the year), as it would have been a major faux pau; the prescence of 4 females in our house somehow managed to attract other women to us.

There were some disadvantages - all their friends used to come over when they had trouble with their boyfriends and complain about how crap men were, all our friends used to sit and drool in the living room regardless of whether we invited them over or not, the girls used to use us as 'boyfriends' when someone unsuitable had attempted to pull them in a nightclub. While this doesn't sound bad - everyone knows women have no shame and would flirt with us whilst we were trying to get women of our own - strangely this had mixed reactions from our potential girlfriends - some thought we were 2-timing cheats, others took this as a challenge, and a few thought we might have been in a truly 'open relationship' (again bringing different responses each time). I swear I will never understand women.

However the advantages did outweigh the disadvantages; our only cleaning jobs in the whole house involved the bins and the bathroom - an unwritten agreement which somehow how over-ruled the cleaning rota someone had stuck to the fridge in the first week. Whenever visiting friends/relatives came to stay they generally got a bed to sleep in (it was usually occupied), and since the girls had done that for our friends how could we resist providing anyone's best mate/sister the same courtesy.

So even though the general male fantasy about living with lots of women didn't directly come true (apart from a lot a sexual tension and serious flirting the relationships within the household stayed platonic), I believe the sexually activity within our house was higher than if we lived in 2 seperate single sex houses.

Living with gurls

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Random thing about the toilet seat bit.

I never used to care about the toilet seat being up, it's easy enough to put it down, but then a stupid TV programme on the telly about hygene in the bathroom 9and kitchen, and bedroom, and living room etc...) and apparently when you flush the loo it sprays 6 foot of ucky crap thats in the loo at the time of the flush every direction possible! So, seat and *LID* must go down before flushing!
I think.. It's not so much the seat as the lid, really... But obviously the seat needs to be down for the lid to be down... Yeah...
I'm gonna stop making my point now...

smiley - magic

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