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Les Mis Quotes

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"Anger may be foolish and absurd, and one may be wrongly irritated,
but a man never feels outraged unless in some respect he is fundamentally right."

Les Mis Quotes

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Dang! You beat me to this entry!

Well, I guess I can live with it. I am presently updating my Victor Hugo entry (thanks for linking to it!) to include more information on his novels, poetry and essays, and I will certainly link to here.

You can visit http://www.gavroche.org/literature/vhugo/
for a randomly generated Les Mis Quote from a list of my personal favo(u)rites, along with a whole bunch of other bits of fabulous information about The Author. (Including the text of some of his poetry, essays, and other short works...I don't have the endurance to type in a full novel)

http://www.gavroche.org/literature/vhugo/quotes.txt will yield the complete list of quotes that the random quotation java applet uses, but it's not in a real easy-to-read format for the web.

Les Miserables (English translation) can be found at:

Victor Hugo's Memoirs (English translation) can be found at

(replace .txt with .zip if you would like to download a zipped version and read offline)

these are at the University of Illinois Project Gutenberg archive and the University of North Carolina Project Gutenberg archive...there are many archives across the world for Project Gutenberg, and to find one closer to you: http://promo.net/pg/

Les Miserable

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Les Miserable??

Cheer him up then...

How about a nice joke or a song or a big hug.............?

Les Miserable

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Gavroche, I wish I had found all of those pages when I was writing this... That quote which I have there is one of those few I could find, because I have only the Finnish translation of the book... *sigh*

Les Miserable

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Ok quote from the musical:

"To love another person is to see the face of god..."

I think les mis is the greatest story ever told!! : )

Les Miserable

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*Agrees with that one. The song starts playing in her head but she forces herself not to write all of it down here.*

Greetings, Eponine - I just checked out your page and noticed you were new - unfortunately couldn't do my ACEing because you hadn't written the introduction... So let me say it here: Welcome to h2g2! smiley - smiley

*is about to write another quote from the musical but doesn't, because can't choose between all the good ones that instantaneously come into her mind*

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