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pretty dumb and incomplete article

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sorry for saying so, but ur article didnt even capture a glimpse of BOMBAY!!!!
i'll write a better one soon... let us not disillusion people about the magnificance beyond compare ...that is bombay!!!!!!!!!

pretty dumb and incomplete article

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prof davda

I have just returned from bombay. Having been there for a month, and being my first visit after 6 years i must say it has changed considerably.

I thought the article was short but informative, however i feel there would be no article long enough to cover every aspect of bombay just like any other big city.

Bombay is diverse, as soon as you get out the godforsaken airport (I was greeted by a puddle of vomit) you are immersed in culture.

As for the hawkers and beggars, ignoring them does not work (beware of child pickpockets). I found the best way was to scream at them, after asking politely of course.

I disagree with buses being the best way to get around. Taxis are affordable and direct, a ride across the city (borivali to valkeshvar, almost 2 hours) only cost me just under £3, and there is no hassle.

I do agree with steering clear of the trains.

Also, stay away from the food they sell on the streets, it may look tempting and smell delicious, they are in fact cooking on top of open gutters.

pretty dumb and incomplete article

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Walking Mermaid

I recommend the "street food" only if you have intestines of steel!!! Which basically means, if you were born and raised in India...NRIs and others, yes...steer clear smiley - smiley

pretty dumb and incomplete article

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Gaggle Halgrunt

I think you're missing the point here. This article is entertaining and has been written in a similar style to the Hitch Hiker's Guide that was invented by Douglas Adams, i.e. probably incomplete, and at best, wildly inaccurate!

pretty dumb and incomplete article

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Really stupid article. Looks like you lost your way in the city and then chose to blame the city this way.

You haven't covered any of the points here.
The local trains your are criticizing carries the highest load, which none of metro rails across the globe do. It has been phenomenal and accidents have been an absolute rarity. It has got a great technology with auto speed detectors, detecting whether two trains are on the same route and applying the emergency auto-brakes if necessary. This system has been praised by the show Megacities that run on BBC.

Forbes magazine has rated Mumbai dabbaawalahs 6 sigma rating for their phenomenally precise tiffin management and distribution system.

There lots of such achievements but unfortunately tourists like you choose to focus on negatives. It is really sad.

pretty dumb and incomplete article

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Would you be interesting in updating this Guide Entry?

I have left you a message in your Personal Space, hopefully it will help you find your way about our site, and give you an insight of what we do here smiley - smiley

lil xx

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