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Walking Mermaid

What a silly article. There is soo much more to Bombay...of course I cannot possible include all there is. I DID however write a poem on it..its amateurish but I thought I would share it with you ppl smiley - smiley

I really really miss bombay smiley - sadface
I, I love the city,
the city, the island,
the city of faces.
And every face has a story to tell.
A story of pain, a story to sell.
Its written in buses
and ink is their sweat.
And if you listen to it carefully,
you'll get (it).

Its like a song that is noisy
but then you feel the beat.
And you move to the rythm,
of a million feet.
And you dance in the monsoon
and you breathe in the heat.
And you play and you eat round the corner of the street.

There is glory and fortune and glamour and fame.
This city, this island of a million insane.
You better be smart or you'll be out of the game,
this city will offer you no place for shame.

And the story keeps changing,
the faces disappearing...
but the music gets louder,
and the beat just keeps on going.

So the lives, they get lived.
And the beauty,
its there but hid.
Its a marvel the city keeps moving,
that the song is still entertaining.

Day after day, week after week,
month after month
through every single year,
so much lost, but so much gained,
this city, the island
is just the same.


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humm... Nice one!

smiley - cheers

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