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$10 for $2

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I heard the $2 bills are pretty rare, and some collectors pay as much as $10 for them. Anyone can confirm?

$10 for $2

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Rev Nick - dead man walking (mostly)

1985 found me spending a summer at a US AFB on the panhandle of Florida. My room mate was looking to fill out his small denomination coin collection - all US mints. As part of this pursuit, we found ourselves frequenting a coin and collectible shop.

For some years, my father had a fancy for slightly uncommon foreign currency, even having some notes still bearing the image of the deposed Shah of Iran. So I saw a number of pretty clean US $2 notes, and bought one for him. I believe I paid about $6 for it.

Many years earlier - perhaps the summer of 1966 - my parents drove west through much of Canada, and returned through northern US states. They found out very quickly that our pink'ish $2 notes were treated with great distrust. Heck, with Canadian notes being different colours, all of them seemed like Monopoly money to many smaller towns.

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