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Wish I'd caught this in PR

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This is, indeed, and excellent entry. Well constructed, well written, and well edited. I just wish I'd had the opportunity to make a suggestion on applying the lacquer or urethane.

These, as most finishes, are quite sticky and seem to attract dust, dirt, and anything light that might be floating about a stable type setting. You want to choose a place that is relatively still and protected from wind and airborne debris.

A better suggestion might be to create a temporary Spray-Booth, out of a large cardboard box perhaps. Leave only one side "open", and tape a clear plastic wall over it. You can then just slip in the item and the spray can during the application, or even cut armholes in the plastic and reach in through them.

This lends far less opportunity for random dust and such, and it reduces the likelihood that you'd have to immediately start over after the item dries.

Congratulatings on Front Paging, btw!

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Wish I'd caught this in PR

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