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Bob Dylan Revisited

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I feel like a would be literature student who has just discovered Shakespere. I have until recently had only a passing interest in Bob Dylan but I was impressed by the recent single "Things have Changed" which won an Oscar and I thought here is a man who has been writing songs for 40 years and can still come up with amazing lyrics and haunting music. So I bought a copy of "Blond on Blond" and have played little else since. Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands is a lyrical tour de force. Millions of fans have been living with this music for years - for me it is all to discover.

Bob Dylan Revisited

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Great Ceasers Ghost

You are indeed a lucky man.

If you want some suggestions then my favourites are

1) Don't think twice, it's alright
2)Mama, you've been on my mind
3)It's alright Ma, im only bleedin
4)Visions of Johanna
5)Highway 61
6)Tombstone blues

Bob Dylan Revisited

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Rt. Rev. Lesley Gentle

My Favourite Bob Dylan Lyrics (from Everybody Must Get Knocking On Heavens Door)

All together now....

Everybody must get knocking on heavens door,
Mr Tambourine man must get stoned,
Hey Lady Lay come gather round,
Cos the times they are just like a woman.

I want you to get out of here,
Send the joker to get stoned,
It's all right ma,
I'm only stoned.

Outside like a rolling stone,
Ma is only bleeding,
Cos I'm knocking on a rolling stone,
EVERYBODY must get stoned.

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Bob Dylan Revisited

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Great Ceasers Ghost

EVERYBODY must kill poor Hattie Carol.

Its getting dark, too dark to get stoned.

Bob Dylan Revisited

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Rt. Rev. Lesley Gentle

When Bob Dylan 'sings' Everybody Must Get Stoned in Rainy Day Women, is he advocating the mandatory smokeage of marajuana, or is he actually suggesting that people should be stoned to death.

I feel uncomfortable listening to this precarious dualism he has scribed and would like somebody to clear it up for me. Mr Dylan has gone down in my estimation havng heardf this song, it is neither big nor clever to advocate the smokeage of drugs or the abuse of a people with rocks and bricks and rubble and mortar.

At times like this it clouds my knowledge that Bob Dylan wrote such musical masterpieces as Hey Mr. Tambourine Man (or is this another drugs song??!??!) and Knocking on Heavens Door.

My favourite Dylan album is Greatest Hits but I don't like Rainy Day Women and was upset that it was selected as his greatest hits.

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Bob Dylan Revisited

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Great Ceasers Ghost

I think you need to GET STONED!!!!

Can you believe that our employers have messed up my pay again. But I'm getting emergency payment. They say it will be in by five. I have my doubts. What do you think?

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