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Saint Taco-Chako (P.S. of mixed metaphors)

They found traces of sub-quark particles in a linear accelerator about five years ago. Nobody knows anything about them, but it led a few scientists to bring up the Orson Scott Cardian theory of the dimensionless particle, called an auia, which is theoretically the smallest possible anything.


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Jim diGriz

And there was an article in Scientific American recently about some experiments at CERN that appear to have created a quark-gluon plasma i.e. free quarks!

Have a look at it here:


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hans christian anderson

atom (!!atomies)- smallest possible thing.


Irelevant in situations discussed.

Discussion of coherent energy values more functional.

Atomic weight not limiting factor for functions of inertia/binding.


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Hey, I've heard about this quark-gluon plasma.
Isn't it the thing with the "strange matter" on which some scientists belive that it will cause a black hole on earth?!
I am really curious about how mankind reacts when the riders of the apocalypse apear and tell us that we shot GOD with a peppermint-quark.


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T and B are also known as Truth and Beauty,btw,and are the heaviest
Glueballs,which are collections of the gluons which hold the quarks
together,have been produced briefly in electron-positron collisions.
The data from the latest gold-antigold atom collisions should be
very interesting...

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