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Not that I believe in his existence but God is also a researcher on H2G2 and I found him both strange and charming so I doubt he'd be at all surprised....


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He'd probably tell you that he came up with even worse names for them smiley - winkeye

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Davcat the Amply Proportioned

smiley - winkeye Yes - an excellent Hawkwind song, my friends.

I love this field of physics, and would be doing it - if only I had enough understanding of it! I also like quantum mechanics, and will write a bigger piece on this fairly soon, including the fabulous Schroedinger's Cat theory (it's m i n d blowing!!!!)

Even if I CAN'T understand it full - it's always great grist to the mill of one's mind...smiley - hsif

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To understand modern physics does take some leaps of imagination.
I did enough as part of an electronics degree to be glad I wasn't doing a physics one.
Have you read some of Joanna's articles? She's been writing some on physics subjects partly to fill the guide and partly to help her learn what she needs to know for her course (a physics degree at Durham Uni) ( http://www.h2g2.com/U106694 )

What I think is really mind blowing is the whole idea of a grand unifing theory, so that these quarks actually obey the same rules as galactic clusters. What a difference in scale, totally incomprehensable sizes at both ends.

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I've got a screensaver called Schroedinger's Cat. My mother won't allow it to be running, though, because the meows get to her.

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Isn't it always the way... someone is always putting words into MY mouth... smiley - winkeye

Still, if I can be enigmatic for a change smiley - winkeye , your nearly there on a Unified Theory humanity... smiley - winkeye

* Now HE wouldn't 'stringing' you along, now would HE...? smiley - winkeye *

smiley - fish - Simply, High Spirited.

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hans christian anderson

Similarity superficial.

Suggest read convergent evolution theories of dolphin/shark -


Most tenable shape in each scenario subject to entirely different

circumstances - similar result is arbitrary and due to universal

poverty of forms imposed by limited dimensionality of empirical


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Calculator Nerd 256

actually, God prolly did know what we would call them, because why can't time be a spacial dimension and therefore not affect God?
also, that was great with the stringing along joke, SUPERSTRINGS!!!
but, isn't it blasphemy to call yourself "GOD" like you did?
>8^B smiley - geek

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Calculator Nerd 256

hey wow so that was me back then, eh?
i no longer believe string theory
turns out i never did
once i heard more about it, i decided it disagreed w/ me
rather than try to understand it, i'm just going to make my own theory
personally i think that quantum is ignorant and needs to be thrown out altogether
my problem with quantum is based on its fallacy that position is a function of time, rather than merely a relation

and about the blasphemy, technically ne10 false would b blasphemy, no?
smiley - geek>8^B

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