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Dr Hell

Some propellerheads came up with the theory that there could be something like weird-matter(*) out there in the universe, and that they might be a leftover from the big-bang, consisting of huge (hundreds) or not so huge (4,5,6,...) quark-groups.

In theory it might work and still be in agreement with the standard model (which is almost everything we know minus gravity)... For that reason people are trying to make these groups artificially to checkout the theory.

(*) Not to be confused with strange matter, which is a combo of 3 not-normal quarks (i.e. strange, charm, top, bottom)... These combos are called strangelets.

(*) Also not to be confused with dark-matter, which is something no one really understands

Additional info: Groups of four and more

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Sirona ( 1x7-4+(7x6)-(sqrt9) = 42 )

I'd appreciate it if you could let me know where I can find material on this theory. smiley - smiley


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Additional info: Groups of four and more

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