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Researcher 188560

What about the electron? This page says that a neutron is made up of two down and one up quarks, and that protons are made up of two up and one down quarks, but what kind of quarks are electrons made up of?


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Mediocredane | Keeper of Opposable Thumbs

I think that atoms are made up af electrons and quarks. MD smiley - scientist


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Mediocredane | Keeper of Opposable Thumbs

In other words, electrons are fundamental. If I'm wrong let me have it. MD smiley - scientist


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Din'Amarth, Keeper of all bad jokes, exept those which are stunningly bad.

Well, I don't know if they are fundamental, but if protons and neutrons are only made of three quarks, then electrons would be much too small to be made up of quarks.

As far as fundimentallity (is that a word?) goes, I think I heard somewhere that electrons and quarks are suposed to be made up of even smaller parts, and those parts of really tiny parts and so on until infinity (it was on h2g2, but I don't remember wheresmiley - erm.


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Mediocredane | Keeper of Opposable Thumbs

Fundamentality. Yes it is a word, only the l key stuck. The mass of the electron is supposed to be a fundamental constant, but lots of things are. I do not grok fundamentality.

How come my desktop is in a subdirectory, yet at the top of it's own tree? That is very un-doslike. MDsmiley - dog


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Calculator Nerd 256

good one about the desktop
okay, fine. I will make my cryptic remark and my own joke and then leave peacefully


subprotonic duck says "quark quark"

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