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Centre of the sporting Universe?

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An intriguing fact that is often mentioned in the (Australian) media, but to my knowledge has not been seriously researched, is that Wagga is hometown to so many sporting legends. Tennis, hockey, rugby (league and union), golf, swimming and cricket quickly come to mind, with players such as the Mortimer brothers, Peter Sterling (rugby league), Mark Taylor, Geoff Larson, Michael Slater (cricket), Steve Elkington (golf), Paul Kelly (Sydney Swans captain), Brennon Dowrick (gymnastics), Wayne Carey (Aussie rules legend), Adam Commens (hockey) and others too numerous to mention.

The population of Wagga (Wagga Wagga is known as Wagga, yet Woy Woy is always Woy Woy. I guess 'Woy' sounds a tad too 'Life of Brian'-ish) is just shy of 60,000, and yet it is nigh on impossible to walk down any street of Australia without bumping into someone who hails from there.

My wife hails from Wagga; many years ago, on an extended trip to my hometown (Derby, UK), my wife and I were seeking rental accomodation at a local Real Estate office in the town centre, and my wife overheard the unmistakeable Aussie drawl from a fellow homeseeker. She asked where he was from (she's like that!) and yes, you've guessed it.

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Centre of the sporting Universe?

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