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Time as a Force

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If you view time as a force(like gravity) I belive you could time travel.

If you put yourself in a neutral time bubble and were able to have that force that is Time be controlled from inside the bubble.

Use your control to affect the force of time on the bubble. Increase/Decrease.

At least this is my theory.

Time as a Force

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Wow, I'm late getting back to this entry's threads!! smiley - doh

There is that set of theories that agree with your hypothesis, however most physicists have abandoned the Time as a Force concept.smiley - ok

Since Einstein, time has been considered to be a dimension. We can control energies like heat, light, and electricity (all forms of electromagnetism, I know), but we haven't really been able to 'control' gravity, just circumvent it at times.smiley - biggrin

Gravity is always pulling at us, even when we're moving away from the pull. That's why astronauts feel the Gs they feel on launch. Strangely, they do not feel the same pull when they are in orbit, even though the pull is nearly the same. The difference is that they are in freefall.

So, if time were a force and not a dimension. We won't feel its passage because we would constantly be in a time-freefall. I don't know about you, but I'm sure feeling the passage of time lately. smiley - doh

smiley - biggrin

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