A Conversation for Time: A Bi-directional Dimension

M theory

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royalleothelion (thingite guard of the kings potty)

there is another theory, known as "M Theory."
In "M Theory there are 11 dimensions in which gravity is the only thing that can bridge the gap through it. smiley - planetsmiley - magic

M theory

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Hi Leo:

There certainly is an M theory, as Baryonic Being so often points out. Fortunately, I only wanted to cover one different theory here. It just seems to fit the observed and accepted well.

Actually, there are theories that cover anywhere from 3 to 27 dimensions. But, even those theories don't preclude others.

Strangely, I cannot imagine M theory without time being just as important as gravity. It is hard to imagine and effect, like gravity's pull, without it having time to work and try to move things. Without passage of time, I don't think that gravity could be perceived.

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