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what about siamese twins?

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ok, I have been reading all about bloodline relationships.. cousins.. the once removed thing, and I have a question..

What if a set of female siamese twins, who share a vagina, have a child.
How do you know who is the mother and who is the aunt ? If they also share only one uterus and one set of ovaries, does the child have two mothers ?

Also, If the twins have another child by a different father, are the two children half siblings?

what about siamese twins?

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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Conjoined (Siamese) twins are always challenging. It just goes to show that your head is very important. If there had been two sets of reproductive organs and only one head we probably wouldn't have described this person as twins.

That doesn't answer the question but it does add to the discussion.

These are the sorts of cases that the law decides upon. I pity the judge who has to make the decision.

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what about siamese twins?

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