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home made brain

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Musashi Himura, the ronin returns, is happy to be back

apparently scientists in a univerisity in america somewere have managed to create a free thinking brain from the cells of the brains of mice, they wired the cells to an flight simulator and after a few tries it mastered flight on the simulator to the dificulty level of hurricane force winds...

home made brain

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You don't happen to have a link on this subject? And what does 'free' thinking brain mean? smiley - smiley

home made brain

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Musashi Himura, the ronin returns, is happy to be back

hmm if you search the bbc news pages you may find it, but i read it in the sun smiley - blush, on my lunch break.

i suppose free thinking meant it made its own limited choices and wasnt programmed, y'know to fly the plane on the flight sim, it just learnt to. ill scour the bbc site for ya see if theres any mention smiley - cheers

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