A Conversation for Some Modern Theories of Consciousness

Consciousness is all there is.

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The brain ia thought of as being a 'part' of a body, which in turn is thought of as being separate from its surroundings - this must include the rest of the universe. If you were to take any of these three ingredients away from the equation there would be no conscious experience. The brain and the rest of the body is is a process that is sustained by food, water and oxygen, which we humans see as coming from outside of ourselves. We are completely convinced that the body is our entire being even though it is obvious from the previous statements that the body is not separate from its surroundings at all. It seems to me that we are the universe experiencing itself. Everything you experience is what you are. There is a lot more that could be said about this but I would be interested to hear any comments that this piece might stimulate.

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Consciousness is all there is.

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