A Conversation for Some Modern Theories of Consciousness

Can we understand consciousness?

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If the mind were simple enough to understand, we'd be too simple to understand it.

Can we understand consciousness?

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I understand consciousness because as a teenager by studying patterns in language I created a objective way of thinking and viewing the world. This has resulted in my consciousness matching my subconscious.
One see more details about my philosophy in the Conversation Forum for The Problem of Free Will.
In that I refer to the fact that I have recently completed my research work based on my thinking strategy and am now trying to get it formally accepted without success.
The main conclusion of my research is that this mathematical approach to thinking is the way we were meant to operate our minds i.e. not dependent on what experience one has which is adhoc. This seems to be backed up by the Bible Code.
Another fundamental conclusion is that one should not / need not interpret the signals one receives through the sight sense in the visual experience as they are unnecessary for that experience's requirements. I suggest this error is as a result of the human's natural thirst for knowledge.

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Can we understand consciousness?

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