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NOT Family Man?!?! Christmas movie??

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For an entry with the title Five Christmas Films, Family Man simply does not belong. There is virtually nothing Christmas about it, other than the arbitrary setting of the start of the life altering event on Christmas day. And, then the film goes on beyond 'the anniversary'.

The film is about the differences that life choices make in one's outlook and happiness. None of it revolves around Christmas, Christmas Spirit, Christmas Angels, or any of the Christmas tide-y things.

In fact, it's a horrible movie in that the Cage's character has just lost his two children - dead, as it were - by virtue of being put back where he started, but thirteen years after the 'bad decision'.

Those two kids, who began to mean so much to him, will now never even be born. What a horrible theme to ascribe to Christmas!

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NOT Family Man?!?! Christmas movie??

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And, THAT's even if you happen to like the movie!

BTW, a better choice may have been 'The Long Kiss Goodnight'. That story has just as much of the realisation of missed choices, but is much more affirming when Geena Davis' character realises what her motherhood truly means to her; and the extent to which she would risk her life to keep her daughter safe!

There's even a Christmas party and a bad guy's 'heart warming' Christmas gift to the little girl.

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NOT Family Man?!?! Christmas movie??

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Interesting reading of the plot, that dead children bit! Still each to their own I suppose. Can't agree with you on the Christmas theme. I think it is in fact central to the dilemma that his character faces. The glimpse would not have been as relevant on a soggy April weekend! I think it's a life affirming movie but I hope you have seen and agreed with some of my other choices.smiley - ok

NOT Family Man?!?! Christmas movie??

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Oh, absolutely! smiley - ok

Some thought that Family Man was supposed to be a remake of It's a Wonderful Life, run backward. Both explored 'what would have been', but Jimmy Stewart's character at least knew that he was taken back to a 'could've been' if he had simply never been born. Cage's role required him to give up children that he had come to know he had, and loved, rather cruel in my opinion. (Although the 'Alien' bit was good, it was even more painful for him to lose his daughter after the 'I knew you'd come back' line.)

It's a Wonderful Life, was truly wonderful, even if the acting was occasionally hamish; more a statement of movies of the era than any lack in acting talent.

The Bishop's Wife was spot on, and the remake (The Preacher's Wife) wasn't bad either.

I actually haven't seen Love Actually. So, I've no right to comment. I only just saw Family Man.

Holiday Inn was a fun movie, very Hollywood Musical - I've always been a fan of Danny Kaye - but, I prefer White Christmas for the humor, and for Vera-Ellen's dancing.

I also have a soft spot for "Scrooged".

Happy Holidays!
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