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shedding skin of a slow worm

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this will be a short and sweet conversation, can anyone tell me if like a snake when the slow worms shedds it's skin
is it less actvie. as the one in our garden happens to hardley moves, i do know it is shedding its skin but when i pickied it up to move to safe place so i could cut the grass it didnt move at all . when i placed him on ground he moved very slowly indeed. just dont like to think if it is on its way out that it is suffering for if this was the case id take to local vet to be put to sleep.

shedding skin of a slow worm

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That's a good question, but I don't know the answer. It seems likely as they are in the same (reptile) family. Or, could he perhaps be too cold to move quickly?

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shedding skin of a slow worm

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