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I was very interested to read previous comments about slow worms and cats. I have 9 lovely cats and hundreds of lovely slow worms in my very wild garden. from time to time the cats will bring one in, or play with it, but with vigilance and care for the most part they live side by side very peacefully. I have yet to find a slow worm dead from a cat mauling. If you want slow worms in your garden ease back on the pruning and cutting and provide wood piles, compost heaps and rocks. Dont ever use slug pellets as these will kill the wee beasts. If you see your cat banging or patting the ground then she has found a slow worm and needs shooing off. Slow worms are beautiful and fascinating creatures, deserving of respect and care. Good luck to all those who want them and be very glad all those who have them.smiley - biggrin

slow worms

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I found one in my garden once - I've got a wildlife garden, so I was very pleased to see it there. It was in the bag of compost by my back door, so I moved it back down the end of the garden to the compost heap. I've never seen one since, and that was a couple of years ago now.

slow worms

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I have just found an injured one today...he's not that bad and is now tucked up in one of my jacket hoods in a box...we took it from next doors cats....had one a few years ago and I would like to make our garden a safe place for them...but how can I do this? Non of our cats attack them and Pip even allows them to snuggle up next to her as she did today with the one we have...im torn between letting him go in a field somewhere and letting him stay in the garden but im scared the cats next door might see him....smiley - wah Im gonna miss him so much

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