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Why not to stop on belgian motorways...

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Why? Because of the road houses. (Is that really the right word? My English dictionary told me so, in fact I mean the Belgian equivalent to the British "Little Chef". If I'm wrong please tell me...) It is not exegerated to say that Belgian road houses are the worst on the planet. Here are some facts:

- The road house has wether closed (since 1971) or you'll find a machine there where you can buy pea soup (wich is also from 1971).

- The recipe for Belgian road house coffee is very simple: You just need a mug full of hot water, then you add some milk and something wich creates the brown color. To make a cappuccino you just have to add the double portion of milk, for hot chocolate the double portion of the brown stuff. Cheers.

- "Fresh" means in connection with "salad" simply "not older than from 1971"

To be continued...

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Why not to stop on belgian motorways...

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