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Perfect meal from ALDI

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Astronomy Domine

You can get a perfect meal from ALDI for about DM10 for 2 Persons
Ingredients: 1 Pizza Margeritha Pack (2 or 3 Pizzas included)
1 can of corn
1 can of tuna fish

You´ll have a really great pizza sesion. By the way: ALDI pizzas are the best DIY pizzas you can buy.

ALDI is changing

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Some of the things mentioned about ALDI that have been universal constants are changing now!

They start to have scanner registers and they do sell some brand products. Fortunately there still is stuff like the ALDI Cola and things alike.

BTW even very good restaurants in Germany buy their smoked salmon at ALDI. It is said to be the best available. smiley - fish

ALDI is changing

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May I say that there is a very good Aldi in Stockport, Cheshire?

Herself and myself can reccomend this.

ALDI is changing

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Aldi opened in Galashiels in the Scottish Borders recently. I was very impressed by the quality and price of some of their goods, but buying a couple of their ready meals changed my mind. The first one was a beef casserole with two repeat two bits of stringy beef in it. The second was a fisherman's pie made with Alaskan pollock, and the fish element consisted almost entirely of the inedible stuff that coats the backbone of an Alaskan pollock. Both meals were also very salty. Having said that, it's better than Lidl.

The best reason for visiting Aldi has to be their special offers on non-food items. But who buys a £799 computer from Aldi -- it's on their list every fortnight, and even gets reviewed in ComputerActive?

ALDI is changing

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Malabarista - now with added pony

My local Aldi burned down, so I now have to carry everything uphill from a different onesmiley - wah But before it did, I bought one of the laptops for 999€ and must say I'm very happy with it, lighter and faster and better equipped than the brand-name ones my costudents are toting, and even perfectly up to most rendering. (Although for animations I'll fall back on my desktop)

ALDI is changing

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Malabarista - now with added pony

Oh yes, and here, Lidl does better and fresher vegetables than Aldi, plus I just love the spelt biscuits! smiley - drool

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