A Conversation for Proving The Existence of Parallel Universes (with the Added Bonus of Immortality)


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Surely if you were diagnosed with ischaemic heart disease in one reality, there would be others where you weren't, and you would continue to exist in these.

Surely several versions of you die every second from random accidents that you never get to know about (falling typwriters from the attic, guinea pigs through the car window, spontaneous combustion of the aorta, sudden unprecedented allergy to wallpaper, etc).

Surely you will live forever without being silly enough to conduct the aforementioned experiment which you've already done in another reality anyway?


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If the universe is infinite, then im "a" center, 21+4^1+8+9=42

well possibly on the subatomic level these events might be random, but more lickly the are not random in the fact that they were predictable if we had bothered to work them out. With the experiment described, the quantum disicion is whether or not the particle will decay, and in quantum mechanics both of these possiblities happen in 2 universes, one ours, and one just created at that moment. In the case with something falling on you, if it you had the chance to do calculations, you would be able to predict the second that it would be falling through, so there is no disision to be made, and therefor no universe to be created to act out this disision

*sorry for my terrible spelling on the word disision*


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If the universe is infinite, then im "a" center, 21+4^1+8+9=42

decision is the word ive been meaning to use

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