A Conversation for Proving The Existence of Parallel Universes (with the Added Bonus of Immortality)

Quantum computers

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How do quantum computers perform different parts of a calculation in different universes? Would, say, my home PC do this as well?

Quantum computers

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Another question--

According to this theory, a person would never experiance death, only witness it. The universe splits off, and he only recognizes the one in which he is alive.

The problem is that everyone dies. Very few people lived beyond 130 or so before something happened and they were no longer among the living.

If the universe splits off every time someone would die, why don't we see older people? Just bad luck?

Quantum computers

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Baryonic Being - save GuideML out of a word-processor: A7720562

This universe always reflects the most probable quantum outcomes, so we're not going to end up in the universe where nobody dies.

The whole theory is just speculation, really. We need more evidence and insight into the nature of quantum 'decisions', parallel universes and the multiverse, and even such things as souls and human perception. I'm optimistic that we'll find out more about the former.

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