A Conversation for Proving The Existence of Parallel Universes (with the Added Bonus of Immortality)


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I don't think your heart disease example is very good, because while most people with heart disease will die, there should hypothetically be an infinite number of universes in which you never get heart disease in the first place. Or, more to the point, an infinite number of universes in which quantum events in your brain don't choose to do the things that lead to heart disease, like bad diet.

On the other hand, if you're saying that we are only immortal to events whose outcomes can't be PREDICTED, then what exactly does the experiment do? A so called immortal surviving the experiment could just as easily be hit by a perfectly predictable car (or get heart disease, for that matter) later that day.


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If the universe is infinite, then im "a" center, 21+4^1+8+9=42

yes there are infinite number of parallel universes where you dont have heart attack, but we cant get to them when we die, we can only get into another universe during a quantum dicision or superposition,and there is nothing like that when u die from a heart attack, you know u will die.

As for you other hand, i dont quite agree with the whole "immortal" statement, it is more to the point that you are immortal against dying in the experiment and nothing else, in other words you cant die during the experiment, but you can during any other event in the world


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See the PR thread (F1791694?thread=409164) for similar debates.

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