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Nice entry! I would love to see an elephant in the wild...
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I agree! Great entry, and elephants are second to none in mammals I most want to see in the wild ... right after them come rhinos. I guess I have a thing for very large mammals, cause after the rhino comes whales. And not the smallish country to the west of England, either. smiley - winkeye Though I wouldn't mind seeing that either, at some point. Anyway, back to elephants, I always was intrigued by the way they are so close to humans in their emotions. One wonders if there are any elephant philosophers or scientists or religious founders.

- JD

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white elephant is worshipped in asia in budhist religion and in hinduism his head is considered to be a symbolof great inteligence

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Leopardskinfynn... sexy mama

Thanks for this article! smiley - ok

I've been lucky enough to see elephants in the wild, in India.
Quite an amazing experience.
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I've also been lucky enough to visit the elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka. There was a youngish elephant there who had part of his(?) leg blown off by a landmine.
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But he was surprisingly mobile! I'm sure I heard somewhere that they were investigating fitting him with an artificial leg.


I like the idea of elephant philosophers....

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"I like the idea of elephant philosophers...."

I sort of borrowed the idea from Pratchett - he had camel mathemeticians, and I figured that elephants would make pretty good philosophers, though they don't seem to argue nearly enough. Perhaps they do and we just haven't noticed. smiley - winkeye

- JD

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Aww, thanks you guys! I'm glad you like it. It took me a while to fix up, mainly because there's just so much information out there on Elephants! I didn't even touch the cultural aspect, just because it would have taken me much too long. If any of you want to take a whack at it, go right ahead. smiley - biggrin

I would love to visit an Elephant orphanage. Elephants are awesome animals. I couldn't believe we didn't have an article on them!

Thanks for reading, everyone. That's a two out of two added to the guide for me! I'm very happy. smiley - blush

See you around!

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