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This has been bugging me for ages

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Presents well, what is a new born baby gonna do with gold, frankinsense and myrh. Now a lamb on the other hand I can see it being happy about.smiley - biggrin

This has been bugging me for ages

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Irving Washington

Well, the insense is for the parents, really. Just because he's the Son of God doesn't mean his swaddling clothes don't smell after feeding time. And they live in a manger, after all.

Actually, I believe Joseph was on diaper duty when he was the first to coin the phrase "Holy Mary Mother of God!"

This has been bugging me for ages

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smiley - laughsmiley - laughsmiley - laughsmiley - laughsmiley - laugh

This has been bugging me for ages

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I personnally thought this was obvious

I assumed it was a POLICE STATION ie all the watch officers were in the taverns instead of in the station hence the one with the blue and white sign was always closed

This has been bugging me for ages

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Hi that's just as valid a point as any, just goes to show how different people can interpret the same text so differently.

This has been bugging me for ages

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last man straddling

This joke in post 1 reminds me of a time in Amsterdam.

While standing in the street waiting on a friend, a couple walked up and the guy asks
"S'cuse me, could you tell me where the Red Light District is?"
Me (pointing along the road) "Can you see that big sign that says SEXSHOP in big RED LIGHTS?"
Guy "Yeah!"
I paused, waiting for the penny to drop.
It didn't.
"That is the Red Light District."

Sometimes a hint just isn't enough.

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