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Going Postal

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fords - number 1 all over heaven

It's a damn shame that the discussions on this page seem to have dried up, so I'm going to get the fire going again smiley - evilgrin

So, who saw Sky's adaptation of Going Postal and what did you think of it?

Going Postal

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No Sky unfortunately. I shall get the dvd when it appears, like Hogfather.

Going Postal

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Jeremy (trying to find his way back to dinner)

I got it on DVD, and I have to admit I like it. As a matter of fact, it's extremely hard to do cinematic justice to Terry Pratchett's work, as any movie based on a book will wipe out all the imaginations you had in your head and replace them by the images the director of the movie had in mind.

I think that "Going Postal" is a way better Adaption than "Hogfather" was.

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