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country music - the bastard son?

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Country music are often being cast aside by all sorts of people really. I have the feeling that many people instead care for more commercial or politically correct music (like house or lo-fi).

I'm not judging any book by the cover (since i'm loving both orbital and sonic youth side by side), but i must confess that i feel country music has been stigmatized.

The industrial feeling of Nashville's Music Row has done more damage than most. Like many modern record companies, they tend to think money rather than artistic worth. So, artists like the slick Garths and Shanias of the world or younger bands such as the Colgate smiling Lonestar have taken all the credibility of previous country heroes.

The result? People who could easily like albums by Waylon Jennings, Will Oldham or the Derailers are being tricked by the camp easy-listening country music.

Let's bring country back on top! Listen to the real country musicians: Palace, Black Heart Procession, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Jayhawks and Waco Brothers.


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country music - the bastard son?

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