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Is mise Duncan

I understood that the popular image of the shroud of turin as seen on posters, T-Shirts etc is, in fact, a photographic negative of the actual shroud itself.
Now, if this is true, it raises the possibility that the shroud itself was a photographic negative....?


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I just wanted to say that my entry was originally much larger, and that I had to split it in half, as people were dying of old age before they even got half way through.

The 'missing' half refers to a theory I discovered in a book by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas. As far as I know it hasn't received a great deal of publicity, which is a shame as it seems highly plausible (note that I use the word 'plausible' rather than truthful'!)



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The people who care about whether the shroud is real tend to believe in miracles, so why is a scientific explanation even worth looking for?

No Subject

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"Those who believe in God need no proof, and for those who don't, no amount of evidence will be able to convince them that He does." I don't remember who said this, but it seemed to apply rather well to your statement.


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Or to put it another way, and quoting from GargleBlaster (U49720)...

As for proving God doesn't exist, there is no reason to. It is an outrageous claim by the
believers, and the burden of proof is upon them.


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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

To Annie,
Kira Nerys said similar words to those in Star Trek, DS9. She was talking about the "Prophets" though, the Bajoran Gods, or the "Wormhole Aliens" {as described by non-believers}. Although, if they were true non-believers, why did they bother giving them a name? smiley - fish Eat Grimsby Fish!

Annie and Gahd

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Every person has the opportunity to 'prove' God in their own life. It's only by taking a step of faith in asking Jesus into your life, that you will be able to see whether it is true or not.

So the challenge is to you, not to others. Ask Jesus into your life sincerely and humbly search for Him. - See for yourself if its rubbish as skeptic friends may tell you! Are you afraid? Jesus said don't be, He will welcome you lovingly.

Annie and Gahd

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Mmmm yes but remember it is much harder to prove that something doesn't exist than to prove something does, e.g. the solution to Fermat's last theorem.

And equally, it is more logical* to believe something does exist with definitive proof than without it e.g. St. Thomas' (not Aquinas, the 1st one) doubts about Jesus being not dead. Though this is not to say that accepting empirical evidence (or, more accurately, somebody else's presentation of empirical evidence) isn't a leap of faith in its own right, albeit a smaller one.

*Not that one should really oppose logic with empirical evidence in terms of philsophical debate, as they don't tend to get on and leads to lots of circular arguing. But both are still valid in their own methods...

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