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Stalkers and Accused Stalkers

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Tycho Moon Chasing the Rabbit

Hello Perrie
I find your words about the psychology of stalkers pretty interesting in that it seems that the stalker is not all that different from someone who falsely accuses another of stalking. This happened to me -- I have been accused of stalking, by a nutcase. Reading your entry definitely reminded me of that person. Weird, huh?

By writing this, I don't mean to imply that those who accuse others of stalking are all nutcases. I find it appalling that a lot of real cases of stalking are put off by the authorities as domestic disputes.

Stalkers and Accused Stalkers

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A Touch of Grey

I would imagine that the person who accused you of stalking was herself a stalker of sorts. why do I assume it was a she? Oh well, no turning back now, my backspace key is broken. She desperately wanted your attention, so she imagined a reality in which you were the one obsessing over her; this gives her a feeling of control and attractiveness. This isn't too far off from the mentality of a standard stalker.
I should also reference the novel "The Lost Boys", I believe it was by Stephen King but I could be wrong. It's not the one they made the vampire movie out of, FYI. Anyway to get right to the point, the main character has a son who goes to religious school. His teacher tries to make changes in the boy's life and attempts to undermine his parents' parenting. When the parents confront the teacher, she begins to stalk the husband under the guise of being stalked by him. Everywhere he would go, she would pretend to have already been there, and accuse him of following her.
I'm not sure what it proves but it popped into my head for some reason.

Stalkers and Accused Stalkers

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Jab [Since 29th November 2002]

Make the mistake of using a chat site as amongs the people that just want a giggle, a joke, ara lot of sad people. Maye people like myself, that find it difficult to trust, in part from watching others abuse, and in part from being lied too.

There are the ones that will say almost anything to agree, or make themselfs look 'attractive'.

My favourite colour is "" - Oh so is mine.

I like the "" breed of of dog.

I don't like dogs.

To details, like politics, hobbies, to silly stuff like which Shops you would go to, and wich you would not.

You may even find, smaller groups, sharing information, playing with peoples lifes - that is another level.

In the main you will find people that are just not happy, looking for a few hours escape, but don't have the ways and means to get out and about.

Yep, you will meet those that just want a taxi ride, a holiday etc.

You may even meet those that will offwer you things from chat, a drink, love, sex, days out, holiday abroad.

It's all about people feeling alone.

Yet you may bump into one that will be "the one", as if you should be together. - I could (did) happen.

Trouble is, the ones that can't take no for an answer. That you just don't even want to "virtual" chat, never mind come visit or have the anyway in your life.

Worst still they will be nasty about people you care for via private e-mail, then put on a public "arn't I nice face".

Possibly men are known for stalking an ex, and women for a new object, maybe that its about equal, or the other way around. Just what filters out through the media is not equal.

If you are ever in a chat room and see yourself asked A/S/L

It means Age, Sex, Location.
ie. 99(lol) male , England.

What the question could be is:

A How old are you, and are you willing to have sex with me at my age.

S Just how much sex can we have and when, just how kinky can I talk, let;s do cybersex, lets do phone sex, god I need sex.

L How far can I get sombody to travel so they will stay and have sex, and get them away from their home enviroment to I can control them and make them love me.

Or if they are too close, don't want to have to face them after. Just in-case I don't like them.

Off topic a bit, but it's the desire, the afterwards thr real stalking starts... Even getting "friends" involved to make them seem in-the-right, and that you should still let these controlling freak into your life.

Some may stalk for money, see what they can get ut of a person. A dress, a car, a meal, a house, who knows!

Shame is in life there are no lables of truth stuck on outside, we have to risk getting to know people on the inside!.

To me ASL, means:

A Age, life skill and attitude, common things to chat about - remeber when etc.

S Sex, Male and Female, We do talk to men and women in a different way.

If you are VERY luck there will be an opposite sex person, that can do both ways of talkink, but watch out they may be just stalking you erm erm.

L Location, What background, City people and Town people hae different ways of living than say a hill farmer in Wales.

Workplace stalker - yikes nightmare. They have a reason for being in the same location to do there damage!

Yes it is possible to love sombody that dos not want you, time does not always fix this, but the answer is love them always, hope the are safe, happy. But is this not the devine purpose of a stalker?

Nope, just sombdy that has been stalked. IN THE REAL WORLD. It' went beyon a healthy intrest in me as a potential friend etc. It was a case of being followed, in everyday life.

I have had a virtual stalker, that moved it to text messages on my moblile, and asking me to be involved with them.

To h2g2 being used in part to hassel me. Can it be more plain, if you say no, you mean no!

Stalkers and Accused Stalkers

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Jab [Since 29th November 2002]

Note to self:-

1. PREVIEW, check spelling.

2. Know you are ranting.

3. Telewest IR keyboard - it's slower that you can type.

4. Build a PC sooooon.

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