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Stalkers don't always desire you

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You make valid points, but have left out the kind of stalkers who latch onto people because they hate them; the kind who never loved their victims but who see them perhaps as a threat. Racial, religious and homophobic attacks are sometimes perpetrated by stalkers. My family, too, was stalked by a couple of hate-stalkers--though we never did find out what (if anything) they actually had against us.

Stalkers don't always desire you

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that is to bad. i am sympathetic w/you i can honestly say you are the victum for being stalked due to someones prejudice and they need to get their head out of the clouds and learn to accept others for who they are and realize we are all connected. maybe they have a rage because they fear the fact that that race or person is actually beautiful but they were taught or told something else so there is a conflict in them. i have no idea
that is to bad.

(conflict meaning a desire to want but a repulsion as well) these are just my own thoughts.

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Stalkers don't always desire you

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