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Researcher 169636

As a dragoon in the 15th (King's) Light Dragoons (Hussars), don't let the price put you off to much. We are justordinary men and women, having a great deal of fun.

Yes it can cost upto £2k but you can borrow some depot kit the first couple of times and then have the basic stable kit say £150-£200 and you will need a sabre and sabre belt say £200. The other main expense is the hire of the horses and training sessions near London.

We are open to all, and the age range is 16 to 50+ (who are both some of our best riders ). Though we don't demand that people can ride to join, rather that they are prepaired to give it, of their best.

We are of to Spain in May and have been to Germany, France, Netherlands and Belgium in the past.

If you are intersted

re 15th Light Dragoons

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My dear Sir, I have to take issue with you describing us as 'ordinary men and women'. IMHO XVLD is the finest cavalry regiment ever to ride onto a re-enactment field smiley - smiley...and its constituents are therefore far from 'ordinary'. I do, however, take your point that 'start-up' costs are not outrageous, and the opportunities for foreign travel are good.

Emsdorf and Victory!

re 15th Light Dragoons

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Farrier Man

Having once been a member of said regiment I can wholehartedly endorse your comments ....
Hussar Hussar and up your ....
Farrierman ...

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