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Me Myself & i!

I like your ranting smiley - smiley

I knowAYlesbury Very well, born there, lived in HADDENHAM til I was 18 then moved to Walsall in the West Midlands, now in Leighton Buzzard ( yeah moved back home - ish again).

There is always something GOOD about where you live, and people sometimes ignore that - you havent.


PS you never mentioned the old "Alcatraz" Alcohol free pub opposite the old Odeon cinema - that that was AYlesbury at its best - isnt it a vet surgery now??!!!!!




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James Casey

Absolutely. I've just finished playing Romeo at the Limelight, and I really enjoyed my time back. I guess the article needs updating to include Bar Med and all the other new stuff.

Yeah, The Alcatraz should've been in there! smiley - biggrin



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Having lived here for a few years the one thing that does always surprise (and dissapoint) me about Aylesbury, is that although it's in the middle of the countryside, there are no good parks, Vale Park is a disgrace (soon to be done up thank God), and the few others all have awful childrens play equipment.

Yes there is a good education, but only if your child is bright enough, or your rich enough to tutor them through the 11+ test, this will get them to the grammar schools, if they fail, move house the other schools in general are crap (some are getting better and it's about time).

Primary schools are in general good though, although the County Council rebuilt one school, the builders were soooooo bad, it took 2 years to finish the project, thats 2 years stuck in temporary classrooms.

Things are getting better (ish) there's the £100 million Waterside shopping development, that should be built over the next few years, Aquavale swimming pool opened a couple of years ago, and despite being expensive, dirty, and having idiots running it (SERCO) it's a big success (unsurprising really as there's no where else to go), Stoke Mandeville stadium was recently revamped, and is excellent, knocking Aquavale into a cocked hat by being both cheeper and clean, Kingsbury Square is going to be revamped, which should be nice, except the loss of the public toilets, but thoughtfully it will include a "Water feature" with running water through the middle of the square, a nice open sewer, Gardy Loo.

The one attraction about Aylesbury, is the house prices, lower than London and not that far away, the only fly in the ointment is Fat Prescott and his housing plans, the idea seems to be to build as many houses as possible but without the schools, roads, trains, health facilities, etc that the area needs, welcome to Gridlock town, Aylesbury 2015.smiley - wah


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I used the bypass last time I was "home" - what a difference !!!!, 'cept coming to the former Tring roundabout I couldn't find the "main" road to Luton.

PS : The Chip Shop in Haddenham is still pretty good

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