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David Brider

...it's a great entry, but it's a shame that (like so much material on Bond outside the movies) it's skewed very heavily in favour of the Fleming material - after all, there's now been much more literary Bond by authors other than Fleming, even if most of it *was* by John Gardner , so it would seem to make sense to include a bit more information on the way Bond develops in the books by Gardner and latterly Benson. What's particularly noteworthy is the fact that Gardner (since 1989, when he novelised "Licence to Kill") and Benson have been novelising the movies as well as writing their own original novels. They've also gone to great efforts to tie the two ranges together (effectively turning them into one), for example writing Admiral Sir Miles Messervy (M) out of the range and replacing him with...I forget the name, but Judi Dench's female character.

Which doesn't change the fact that technically Bond is only just the right side of 80 (even allowing for Fleming's trademark inconsistency regarding his age), so Pierce Brosnan is just a little young to be playing the part...

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pheloxi | is it time to wear a hat? |

you could say that James Bond is not one person, but some one deserves to work under the name James Bond.

the name James Bond is created by MI5 to make it look like there is one super secret agent, but in fact it is best of MI5 at that moment. all the details of James Bond like fingerprints are in super secret dossier. every Bond lives like as Bond, but when get killed or too old they repaced by new Bond.

I know this not Ian Flemmings idea, but is way to explain Bond played by different actors.

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