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I hope you don't play

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Well this is a disappointment. I thought that the sound I make on the trumpet was created by air accelerated by the embouchure through the venturi tube into the lead pipe exciting the air column into a standing wave with in the trumpet and amplified by the exponential bell. I have always been told that the shape of the horn decides the resultant tone. That’s why the cylindrically bored trumpet has a different tone than the conically shaped flugelhorn and coronet. The lip buzz that we feel is a result of this musical sound with in the horn. For instance our lips vibrate sympathetically with the sound wave. If you play a flute you will also notice that the lips feel a vibration. I tried to play a flute and was surprised to find that my lips did vibrate, but nothing so gratifying as a raspberry. God I feel so stupid. I'll start spiting into my trumpet immediately. Silly me wasting 40 years doing it all wrong.


See my introduction about the Babelhorn under “Hi I’m new”

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I hope you don't play

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