A Conversation for Enterprise, Alabama, USA and the Boll Weevil

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This bug wiped out their crop, so they built a statue of it!!!


My head hurts!!

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It just helps to prove a universal truth:

There is /nothing/ so damn silly, that someone, somewhere, won't do.

I do understand their reasons for giving thanks, but building a statue??


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Everett Cole

Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it. In many ways, a statue may be the best idea for ensuring that future generations have a chance at noticing the damage this creature can cause.

By providing a visual text, it is possible that people who cannot read or write can comprehend the issue being presented. This is an age old trick, present in the stained glass windows of churchs and the paintings of aboriginal peoples around the world.

Of course, I think it's important to note the other factor at play here. The idea was to diversify their economy, right? Tourism, baby, tourism. People will travel miles to visit just about anything if they are unhappy where they are.

Happy hitch hiking!

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has anyone alerted the church of the true weevil?!!!!!!!!!

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It does sound a bit Ancient Peoples though. Building a statue to the god (so to speak) or other force that wiped out your livelyhood. They don't leave offerings at the base of the statue by any chance do they? smiley - smiley

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In my travels i came across this statue.... Its in the middle of the friggin road. Traffic has to go around it. and people through money in it too, thats where my bus fare came from.


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researchers Quote:

Enterprise, Alabama's honor to the boll weevil had absolutely NOTHING to do with factories, and EVERYTHING to do with crop diversification: Coffee County, where Enterprise is located, became the largest producer of peanuts in the nation.


If it wasn't for the weevil enterprise would have never grown peanuts. The town would have probably evaporated. A lot of people make a lot of money from peanuts here and its all because of the boll weevil. The monument has been vandalized over the years and the original statue had so many repairs it is damaged beyond repair. You can see the original statue in the museum just off of main street.

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