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Can I borrow a match?

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Santragenius V

Hi smiley - smiley Apart from this being a very enjoyable read (is that many matches really used in the UK....? wow), I would like to know if I can borrow a match and a suitable surface to strike it against?

It just might have something to do with an Editor's desktop and this thread... F69959?thread=122558&skip=156 and onwards... smiley - tongueout

Can I borrow a match?

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This remids me of the joke, which English people attribute to all Scots and the Scottish will attrbute to people from Aberdeen (who apparently give the nation an undeserved reputation for frugality and being careful with money).

I've also heard Welsh people aim it at people from Cardiganshire, who in Wales have a reputation for being fiscally cautious and frugal in their use of material assets.

Ther asre two people in a train carriage. One is a Scot/Aberdonian/Cardi. The other pats his pockets and asks the Scot/Aberdonian/Cardi for the use of a match. One is grudgingly handed over. The other luckless person then pats his pockets, sighs, and announces he's out of cigarettes. The Scot/Aberdonian/Cardi snatches the match back with "You'll not be needing this, then"

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