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yeah,but have you seen....?

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Rugby, anyone?
Jai alai is probably the fastest sport in the world, but rugby has to be the most insane. I mean, I saw a guy last week catch the ball in the gut at full speed; a second later, he caught the foot that kicked it full in the groin--he still dodged the kicker, about thirty differnt players trying to kill him, run about thirty meters down the field, jump another group of players, and dive in the mud for a touchdown.
Only then did he get up, clutch his lower abdomen, and fall over again.

yeah,but have you seen....?

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Rugby is the best and baddest game there is. Nothing like a game of rugger for getting out the ol' aggression. For all American football players out there, imagine a much better game, with NO ARMOUR...

yeah,but have you seen....?

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that would actually be:

with NO ARMOR for us americans smiley - winkeye

yeah,but have you seen....?

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smiley - oksmiley - ermsmiley - smiley

yeah,but have you seen....?

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Just a note, but us Brits call a touchdown a "try"!

Yeah, rugby is pretty hardcore... unfortunately I'm limited to field hockey now as I'm not tall or bulky enough to play rugby - I presume I'd die! smiley - wah

yeah,but have you seen....?

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Stoolball, that's were it's at!

yeah,but have you seen....?

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I liked the totally unpredictable nature of rugby, partly due to the shape of the ball. I played for about 9 years at amateur level and loved it apart from braking my collar-bone twice and a concussion. Great for ridding yourself of all the stress built up during the week at work. Has a great social side too. smiley - cheers

A fierce game at times with a lot of physical contact allowed and actually required. You have to accept that as soon as you have the ball you have to run, pass or kick the thing or 8 guys might actually jump on you. smiley - run

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