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Jai-Alai NOT the fastest sport

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It seems to have become conventional wisdom that Jai-Alai is the world's fastest sport, as reported in the article on this site. The fact that the ball is reported as going 'up to 188 mph' is the basis of the claim.

Sorry, but badminton is faster than this. The GB of Records has a shuttle speed of 320 km/h reported (198+ mph), and this was by a player who is not actually regarded as the fastest smasher in the game.

And of course, some racing motor vehicles move faster than that.

Jai-Alai NOT the fastest sport...

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if you actually read what was said... it does not claim the jai alai is the fatest sport, it claims that it is the fastest ball sport and since yo u do not play with balls in badminton you argument is flawed.
and as for motor vehicles... i suppose the guys balls are moving faster than 188mph but it doesn't really count.

read things before you criticise.

Jai-Alai NOT the fastest sport...

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With respect bluefranpan......

If you see the page title, it says

"Jai-Alai - the World's Fastest Sport"

So perhaps you should read everything? smiley - winkeye

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