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Hey, Eds!

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

"David Carradine's use of a flute as a weapon will not be mentioned in this entry."

This is a subheader.
I will excuse the ruining of the gag by dropping the accompanying link, but hey, it is a subheader.
The way you have it now, it is nothing but a non sequitor which also orphans the paragraphs below it that the subheader is supposed to herald.

Please make this a subheader again, please...
smiley - grovel

Hey, Eds!

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Mort - a middle aged Girl Interrupted

You will need to post this at <./>feedback-editorial</.> as the editors aren't subscribed to every entry smiley - ok

Hey, Eds!

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

You have a little pull around here. You tell 'em.

Besides, whether they do anything or not, I now have it on record.

By the way, Hi!

Hey, Eds!

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

smiley - smiley

Hey, Eds!

Post 5

Baron Grim

I actually got a chuckle out of that as it was. I was thinking it would have been a good place to link to the self reference entry at A533927.

smiley - vampire CZ

Hey, Eds!

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

Ehh... That poor thing's been flogged about quite a bit. I think the original AGG/GAG waved it around once or twice back in the early days and I've seen it used in personal spaces.

The original subheader included a link to a site that had an article about "The Silent Flute" movie, which is notorious among Bruce Lee Fans, particularly those with any knowledge of the previous ignominy of the "Kung Fu" television show insult.

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