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Metro Centre

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Demon Drawer

Newcastle has a large out of town shopping centre called the Metro Centre. An entertainment and shopping adventure on a massive site. It is one of the largest centres of this kind in England.

Metro Centre

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Out of town as in Gateshead? and no it's not the same place as I have been emphatically told by someone from Newcastle smiley - smiley

Metro Centre

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Dr E Vibenstein (You know it is, it really is.)

That explains why my dad once spent half an hour driving around Newcastle looking for the Metro Centre and couldn't find it!

Metro Centre

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As they say in London, It's sarf ov the river innit

Metro Centre

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It may sound a bit anally retentive, but the Gateshead Metrocentre is in Gateshead. It's also s**t and full of kiddies in Kappa tracksuits asking "Here man you proper radgie, lend us fifty pence for me bus fare or I'll proper dust yer." Everywhere has its variations, we like to call them chavas (char-vas.) They also call each other that as well to insult each other which is pretty f*****g ridiculous.

Metro Centre

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RE: Charvas

Here is a lovely site I found sometime ago which details the very specific (non-Geordie) and ridiculous language of these idiots:


Most folk (who aren't from the North-East) probably don't believe that people like this exist but, sadly, they do. Apart from these cretins, Newcastle's a lovely place full of nice people who like a laugh.

All the best,


Metro Centre

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Johanna the Psychotic Bananna - - I'm back!!! I missed you, H2G2

I'm from scotland, but i regularly go to gateshead and dunston. The metro centre is great! (and no im not a ned or whatever you call them) but ive never been in metroland but ive herd its good. i love the metro centre. i think its great. there are so many shops! all the books!!!!!!!

woops overload



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