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wrong name

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you just gave the directions to mix what me and my mate Hel's call a Sea Breeze. try calling it this and see if the bar tender still looks confused

wrong name

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Zach Garland

No, I've seen a Sea Breeze. It's not the same drink. Same exact ingredients, but it's not the same drink. There's a different attitude about a Madras than there is a Sea Breeze. Mister Cairo would have ordered a Sea Breeze. Sam Spade would have ordered a Madras.

Okay. Sam Spade would have ordered straight whiskey, but you know what I mean.

all wrong

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Researcher 194932

A madras is not a mystery nor does it constitute a good bartender, and a sea breeze is crushed ice, cranberry juice and absolut shaken with GRAPEFRUIT juice layered on top.

explaining the difference

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Correct Researcher 194932! There are three variations on the theme, Madras, Sea Breeze, and Bay Breeze. The last involving pineapple juice instead of either OJ or horrid grapefruit.

I haven't heard the name Cape Cod in a bar in a long time. Most people just order a vodka cran with lime. No class, I swear.

smiley - aliensmile

explaining the difference

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Oh God its awful to see what's been posted about Madras(now Chennai) a very much decent smiley - winkeye city in southern India.Somebody give some useful info please.

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