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Experiment time, then...

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Lost in Scotland

Okies, come friday I'll try getting a Madras at the local clubhouse and watch them go blank. And after explaining to them what it is, I'll order something else instead. Like a Vodka & Red Bull. Yummy.

Experiment time, then...

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i recall reading this quite some time ago then going out and attempting to order one....after about 10 minutes of explanation i gave up and ordered something else....hopefully soon i will experience it (either that or break down and buy the stuff myself to make one smiley - winkeye)
monsy smiley - fish

Experiment time, then...

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Zach Garland

It's actually a nonchalant (and perhaps a wee bit subversive) test to see if the bar you're frequenting has high calibre personel. It's a simple drink, but for some reason not widely known. Ironically, I returned to the very bar where I first heard about the madris just recently. A completely different bartender was there, and when I asked for it he gave the same blank stare, turned around to look at the bottles as if that would help him, then came back to me all flustered. "Just a cape cod, please." I was very disappointed, but it's amusing watching the poor sap wrack his brain.

I'm so cruel. =)

Experiment time, then...

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Lost in Scotland

Ordering a drink that officially exists, although it's widely unknown, is like making up a drink on your own. Then we have the nutters that gets a drink named after themselves just cause they were stupid enough to drink it in the first place, and then get famous for one reason or another.
Example: Christer Pettersson in Sweden is a rather commonly known drink, named after the person tried for the murder of the former prime minister of Sweden, Olof Palme. The drink is basically a glass filled with vodka and Bailey's.

Anyways, I think I forgot what I was going to say at the start of this thread, so I will retire for now and return if I come up with anything usefull.

Experiment time, then...

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Blatherskite the Mugwump - Bandwidth Bandit

I strongly recommend to everyone ordering a drink that you specify your alcohol, rather than letting them pour in the crap in the 'well.' Case in point, I lived in Hawaii for several years, and, while I'm generally strictly a beer and scotch man, I don't stick to them religiously. When I'm looking for a simple mixer, though, I like to have rum and coke. The rum that is most popular in the well: Malibu. Now, for the uninitiated, Malibu rum is a rum with a rather powerful coconut flavor to it. Its flavor is somewhat reminiscent of licking the top of a bottle of suntan lotion. It has its places, in fruity drinks where a bit of coconut is just the right thing, but in a rum and coke, it's just plain awful.

Experiment time, then...

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If you're stuck with only Malibu Rum, have a Malibu Bay Breeze. I'm not sure of the exact specifications, but they are yummy. This drink is fairly well known. It is wise to use caution when drinking what is also known as "the pink fruity thing" though. The drink is deceptively mild, and it is possible to become extremely drunk very fast. Kinda like Long Island Iced Tea. (drunkeness factor, not flavor)

Experiment time, then...

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I was at a party the other week and somebody was drinking from a small bottle of Malibu. I tried a bit and seriously wished there was another bottle. Though on second thoughts that much of it could be a bit sickly.

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