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I find the same thing happens when...

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In my experiance with alcoholic beverages..I tripped across a drink that gets the very same reaction that your Madras (I myself have never had one..but will run downstairs to the bar and whip one up pronto) does. The drink in question is a Blue Hawaiian...I have found 80% of your bartenders/maids go completely blank with this drink and I invarriably end up showing them how to make one. And when I come back for a second one with the hopes that they can make it how cause I have showed them the magic trick...they, with out fail, end up giving me a glass fillied with lots of ice and just a hint of blue water in it. I have also found by a strange coincidence that these are the very same bartenders/maids that say "Foster's, nope we don't carry it here" at which point I have learned to just walk out and find a better bar.

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I find the same thing happens when...

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