A Conversation for Constellations: Cassiopeia 'the Boastful Queen'

Some small corrections

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This is a beautifully written and interesting entry. Well done!

I have a couple of small corrections. First, the star creating the Bubble nebula is the O 6.5 III giant BD+60 2522, which is a very hot O class star, but not a Wolf-Rayet star. There is a Wolf-Rayet star in this area of the sky (WR 157) and it has created a large ring nebula, Sh 2-157, but this is quite different from the Bubble nebula.

Second, in your "Objects of Interest" section you mention "a supernova remnant" but then go on to mention two remnants. So I suggest that you modify your "Objects of interest" to say "two supernova remnants". Actually there are quite a few supernova remnants known in Cassiopeia as the brightest part of the Perseus arm visible from Earth (the Cassiopeia arc) lies in this direction, but I would agree that the two you mention are by far the most famous.

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Some small corrections

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