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It really annoys me when tv/films/books always try to bring up a relationship between Holmes and Irene. In 'A Scandal in Bohemia' yes he calls her 'The Woman' but in that story she was blackmailing the Crown Prince of Bohemia to leave her alone so that she could get married. Yes she outsmarted Holmes and got away, and he obviously has a great deal of respect for her and possibly some romantic attachment to her, but whenever I read the story i never get any sense that she returns his feelings or there was ever any sort of meetings on any level between them beyond what is described.....So I am rather at a loss to explain why so many productions create a Holmes/Irene relationship...in several Holmes and Irene have a child, in many its just a past romance, but in all cases I just don't see any precedent for such a development.
I've just seen Sherlock Holmes and The Bakers Street Irregulars on BBC1 25/03/2007 and yet again they've brought up something personal with Holmes and Irene, and not only that...she's classed as a Criminal Mastermind by Watson, and appears to be a dangerous murderer who's out to ruin Holmes career and anyone connected with him!!!! This is not the clever, witty, adventuress of Scandal in Bohemia!!! Did the writers even read their source material? Arrgh!

On a more positive note, I do think Jonathan Pryce and Bill Paterson could be a good Holmes/Watson duo, i alreadly like them both immensely as actors, but unfortunately the series is more focused on the Irregulars for them to get the screen time they deserve to show their potential.

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