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First let me extend congratulations on a great article. I am a gamer dork (pc strategy, board games, role playing) with healthy dose of other dorky interests. My friends include various other dork types from otaku, to bookworms, to fellow gamers. The one exception I take to your charictorization is that we are not as open and accepting as you suggest. Some of us are elitists who feel that regardless of whether we are regected by others, we regect them. Most people don't have the inteligence or self reflection to be a dork. They are not only unwelcome, but viewed as inferior. I wouldn't say we are nasty, just arrogant. We don't persecute anyone; we just make snide coments if we bother to take notice at all. Like most people we have just enough self respect to feel superior but not enough to get over ourselves.

elitist dorks

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curious. I know that most dork groupings around do not welcome strangers. Either its some high tech dweeb defense system , or its elitist. Whichever itis, im not in such a group.

Rejection is the first step to isolation. Youve got to make new friends in life, or it will become stagnant. Oh, and i dislike the whole "inferiority" thing. I see everyone as equal, so i thereby treat them equally on first impressions.

I suppose this sort of thing is laced with paranoia too.

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